Coming home

26.04.2015 - 19:31 in travel

I just arrived back home in my beloved little place in Austria, called Vienna.

Isla Mujeres

15.04.2015 - 19:31 in travel

Moving back to the north, my trip took me to the Isla Mujeres.

Casa Tortuga - Pirate Paradise

13.04.2015 - 19:31 in travel

My journey exploring Mexico took me further south to Bacalar, which is a city next to a lagoon. A pirate paradise come true.


11.04.2015 - 19:31 in travel

On one of the tours I did from Playa del Carmen, I could experience the mayan heritage of Mexico.

Playa del Carmen

07.04.2015 - 19:31 in travel

My first impression of Mexico was a little bit to american for my taste.

San Francisco

05.04.2015 - 19:31 in travel

Visiting "The City".

Squares Conference

26.03.2015 - 18:31 in travel

Passion never sleeps and so I had to attend this interesting conference on my way through the states.

Florida Keys

23.03.2015 - 18:31 in travel

We decided to rent a car and go all the way from Miami to Key West.

Welcome to Miami

22.03.2015 - 18:31 in travel

Welcome to Miami (Beach). The city of Party, celebrities and expensive cars.

On top of Rio

18.03.2015 - 18:31 in travel

Now having spent about two weeks in Rio, I just fell in love with this city.

All hail the captain

16.03.2015 - 18:31 in travel

A stormy and hot boat trip to the Ihla Grande.

NOT the last days in Brazil

08.03.2015 - 18:31 in travel

The thing with adventures is that things come differently than expected.

Last days in Brazil

06.03.2015 - 18:31 in travel

My time in Brazil is comming to an end and I am spending my last days in Maceio and on the way back to Salvador.


02.03.2015 - 18:31 in travel

I seldom met people that were so friendly and inviting than in Penedo.

Praia do forte

27.02.2015 - 18:31 in travel

One of the most beautiful beaches was the destination of our day trip from Salvador.


26.02.2015 - 18:31 in travel

First we only wanted to stay for one night, but we decided otherwise.

Minibus is leaving now

25.02.2015 - 18:31 in travel

After the time in the semi jungle, I was visiting one of the biggest cities on the planet, felt like a child again and found new friends.

Some like it rough

18.02.2015 - 18:31 in travel

A short story from rough trees, bumpy roads and giant centipede sex.

Lencois and Capao

17.02.2015 - 18:31 in travel

After visiting the slightly larger city Lencois, we were happy to be back in the sleepy village Capao.

Strange places and waterfalls

16.02.2015 - 18:31 in travel

Almost every day we are hiking through the jungle to visit all those different little rivers and waterfalls.

Being a real Supnig

09.02.2015 - 18:31 in travel

Sometimes doing the expected is just not cutting it.

The perfect fit

08.02.2015 - 18:31 in travel

Today I started my trip and left the winter behind. The first day on the move could not have been more adventurous.

Starting out

03.01.2015 - 18:31 in travel

Now it is just little over a month until I will set sail into my greatest adventure so far.