Christopher Supnig

Software Consultant

I am passionate about software engineering and hungry to learn. I can help your team to build beautiful, resilient and scalable applications in the clound and anywhere else. Let us work together and build something great!

I currently only take on exciting projects with growth potential.



I have lead teams and projects through an early stage, where requirements engineering and setting up an architecture of your project is most crucial for success.


With more than 15 years in software engineering experience, I can help you to solve the most challenging problems in your project. I love leading and supporting teams to accomplish a project success together.


Use your product to communicate to your customers. Usability design let's the user find out about the application in front of them without ever having to read a manual.


Scaling and optimising your application for a broad user base can be tough. I will help you to bring your project to the masses without letting your servers break a sweat ;)


Cloud AWS, Serverless, ...
JavaScript Angular, Node.js, TypeScript, React,...
Smart Contracts Solidity
Java Spring, ElasticSearch, Hibernate,...
Web SEO, SEM,...
Communtcation Skills Speaker, Teacher,...
Project Management Scrum, Team Lead,...

Project Experience

2016 - Present

Frontend lead, SEO, SEM

HTML, SCSS, Angular, TypeScript, Serverless, AWS, Node.js


Contract revenue calculator for Innio/GE

Frontend lead and Java Backend

React, Java, ElasticSearch

2016 - 2018

Online Banking for an Austrian bank

Frontend lead and requirements engineering

HTML, SCSS, Angular, TypeScript, Big Team (25+)


Project lead, requirements engineering and development

HTML, SCSS, Angular, TypeScript, ElasticSearch


Project lead and development

HTML, SCSS, Angular, TypeScript, Node.js, trading strategies for bitcoin exchanges

2008 - 2012

Intranet for Erste Bank and Sparkasse

Project lead, requirements engineering and development

Java, JSR-286, Apache Lucene, 55k+ Users and 4 Mio+ content pages

2012 - 2014

Intranet and Web portals for Swarovski

Project lead, requirements engineering and development

Java, JSR-286, Apache Lucene

2008 - 2010

Information portals for the Austrian Government

Project lead, requirements engineering and development

Java, JSR-286, Apache Lucene, MySQL

Work Experience

2016 - Present

Co-Founder and Frontend Lead

appointmed GmbH

Austria, Vienna

2016 - Present


Christopher Supnig

Austria, Vienna

2008 - 2016

Senior Web Developer / Key Account Manager

Gentics Software GmbH / APA

Austria, Vienna

2002 - 2008

Internships and projects

Fabasoft, Chemserv, Voest,...

Austria, Linz


2007 - 2008

BSc - Bachelor studies "Computing" (hons degree)

University of Central Lancashire

United Kingdom, Preston

2000 - 2006

High School Diploma with excellence (Computing and Economics)

HTBLA Leonding

Austria, Leonding



Exercise constitutes for me the perfect balance to the work I am doing in front of the computer. I like spending time in the gym, on the water (sailing and surfing) and in the mountains (hiking).


About two years ago I opened the world of investments for me. The unpredictability of the stock market and the opportunities in other forms of investments interest me and are always a good base for exciting projects.


I strongly believe that travel is the most important way to form a humans's mind. Getting to know different cultures and seeing the world from other angles opens up new possibilities and creativity.


Kuefsteingasse 11/16
1140 Vienna, Austria
Mobile Number