What I am up to right now

Here I'll keep you updated about what I am up to and where my life takes me at this point.


Growing appointmed, the healthcare company I co-founded. Always looking for new ways to scale and currently looking for a support technician to enhance our team.

From time to time I take on exciting projects and help my partner grow an online store for Korean cosmetics, named skino-shop.com.

You have a project that you want me to look at? Feel free to reach out.


I recently learned how programmable our minds really are. Now I can't get enough to learn how to use this knowledge. It is a super power, that everyone can have at their disposal. Yes, I became a spell caster and I can't be stopped now.

Sports & nutrition

Yes, I went down this rabbit hole. I came to believe that regular workout and a healthy nutrition are the two most important ingredients to a successful life.

For me that means a daily workout, coupled with unpackaged foods.


I make sure to treat myself with the occasional adventure hike or a sailing trip.

Currently reading: Your next five moves - Patrik Bet-David