Why you should learn how to cook

2 years ago in lifestyle

Cooking is an awesome skill to have, there is nothing to argue about that. So let me give you a few more reasons, why you should spend more time in the kitchen.

The 5 minute guide to free your mind

4 years ago in lifestyle

As we live now, we have to deal with vast variety of thoughts throughout our daily routine. It does not really matter if those are thoughts about how to solve a problem in your job or private life, the list of items you are putting on your imaginary shopping list, or just random thoughts that come to your mind and take down your productivity or even your wellbeing. Read on to find out how I try to cope with this mind clutter and go about to clean my mind.

Marketing = Porn

6 years ago in lifestyle

So what do these two have in common? To answer this question I first have to talk about the nature of the every day love story. In those movies you always?get some kind of introduction where the characters get to know each other and build up tension to finally reach the climax of the movie. Then there is just the end and the?story is over. With porn, and I'm sure you have seen one, it is a bit different. Read more about this close relationship and find out what happened at the "meshed3" in Linz.